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News: BBC TV "Cowboy Trap"

Beccles Building Services Ltd were filmed by the BBC as they put a job right for a couple in Swardeston who had been let down badly by a local builder.

"One of the best jobs we've ever had on the programme" - Clive Holland (Presenter Cowboy Trap)

Suffolk based building firm Beccles Building Services Ltd are proud to have been featured in the third series of Cowboy Trap on BBC1 when the company stepped in to rebuild a bespoke oak framed studio in a house in Swardeston, Norwich, Norfolk. The photo's below show the work involved.

Presenter Clive Holland and his team were filming in South Norfolk for the third series of popular TV programme Cowboy Trap. The programme focuses on people whose lives and properties are currently in a state of chaos or disruption thanks to "cowboy" workmen. Once the damage from - work or lack of it - is assessed, his team attempt to rectifiy the problems.

Chris Bell of Beccles Building Services Ltd. who was brought in to rectify the botched job said:

"When I first saw the studio I was amazed at how bad it really was. How can a builder leave a job in that condition and expect to be paid for it. I knew we could make it look fantastic so we took the framework down and back to our workshop where we rebuilt the frames using as much of the timber as possible.

We then went back and completed the job. The house holders now have a finished rustic oak frame studio which they are thrilled with and we are proud of."


Clive Holland said:

"It's always a pleasure working with local companies and specialists and Chris and his team from Beccles Building Services proved that. The job they completed was some of the best that I have seen. Quality work from a great firm."

"The series has really hit a chord with viewers and there are still builders out there behaving improperly and causing people anxiety and stress as a result"